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Originally Posted by Chiefy 707 View Post
Finally got a 413 of my very own! After a year and some change of reading about speculation, then battery rules, release date grumblings etc (pretty much the first 100 pages of this thread are useless lol)
I've had a few opportunities to pick one up last year but by the time I was ready each time I see the dreaded "back order" so I gave up and and started looking into the competition. Actually ended up buying an SB401 but while waiting for that to come in I end up seeing 2 413's on the shelf at Norcal! So sho nuff dived in head first and bought mine.

The build was great mounting the electronics was a bit of a pain. Partially because I had to make do with what I had and also because I like having neat unexposed wiring.
For a motor I used a X20 4T for ishts and giggles. The only other 413 I've ever driven had a 8.5 in it and it was extremely easy to drive. I was curious to see how well the chassis took to the power increase. My devirginizing run last night was just to see if there were any assembly gremlins anyway. But yeah, it was wicked fast and quick but just waay too much or the track and the available traction. Reminded me of the Pikes Peak Escudo from Gran Turismo 2. It doesn't need to be said that I'll be switching to a higher wind.

Looks nice! I'm jealous hah I just placed my back order on amain.
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