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Default I Need Help With Mvp Motor/battery

Ok i need help! i charge two full 3000 battery! then i played with it on the socalrc track! it only lasted for 5 minutes! when i checked the MVP, it was really hot! and smelled like it was burning! I don't think it's the battery because i used my friends battery and it happened again! The clerk at socalrc said that it could be my gearing! that it's too big! but i'm using a 100 tooth spur gear!(64 pitch) and 38 teeth pinion gear! could it be that the spur gear is too small and that the motor works too hard? should i go for a bigger pinion GEAR! please, i need help! by the way my car is geared correctly! the overall ratio is 5.92 which is pretty close to 6. my car is a pro 3!
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