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Originally Posted by BrianTx01 View Post
Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn't everyone on rctech reciting the obituary of the Stadium truck about 4 or 5 years ago? Don't get me wrong I love stadium trucks, but does anyone even have a regular stadium truck class run anymore?

Like I said...don't shoot the messagener...I pretty much got my rear end chewed off about 4 years ago for stating my opinion that the SCT, and in particular the Slash, would be responsible for the downfall of rc racing.
When SCT took off in our region, things did not look too bright for ST in our region, too. In early 2013 we almost considered giving up on ST in our series, but in 2014 the class experienced a surge. Everyone who thinks these beasts are ugly as f***, should give one a try, these trucks are just so nice to drive.

As much as I have come to despise SCT racing (mainly due to the demolition derby drivers), I did enjoy it for a while until I switched back to buggy in 2012, and I even enjoyed it again in December when racing on carpet with a couple of well-behaved dudes. SCTs have brougt many new people into the hobby and are part of the success of electric off-road in the last few years rather than responsible for the downfall of RC racing. I smile with every comment bashing on SCT as a racing class, but these Shoe Cartons actually were good for our hobby. These trucks are not useless at all: I recycled my son's SC10, and now it features e.g. a shorter chassis, a Finnisher body and some proper wheels.
Recycling process: SCT -> S(C)T -> ST
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