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Originally Posted by nismoflip View Post

I've just acquired an XXX-S. It's tough finding upgrades. I'm mostly looking for aluminum wheel hexes and sway bar kits. Where can I source these and other parts? Thanks.
I believe there are some sway bar set-ups for the car on Ebay at the moment, might have to take another look. Also, I think I had aluminum hexes from a TC3 on one of my previous cars, easier to find.

It's an easy to drive car. I wouldn't dump too much money into one at this point, I view them as being one of the best budget spec-class cars you can have for very little money. I had a real hooked up one with lots of MF and IRS parts, ended up selling it after a XXXS won a big VTA race... what I made for my collection of NIP belts was ridiculous . I had NIP MF adapters, the works... it brought me some decent money.

Now that repro belts exist, I picked another XXXS up (thanks skater deez). If Fathead gets us the delrin adapters then the cars will have a totally new lease on life. All the regular parts have been available via Ebay forever, no shortage it seems. I still don't understand why Losi doesn't market it as a rtr VTA car the way HPI markets the Sprint 2. Such easy to live with cars that I find are durable (ok, maybe not for boosted mod, but no one races them in those types of classes anyways). Tweek-proof is a nice thing.
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