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Hi Wombat, good to hear from you.
Yep, will see you in Canberra, should be awesome fun.
How has your racing been?

Here's a little bit of info about: Anti-squat

Hope it helps.

I always run mine at 3deg but have only tested it once at 0.5 and I just liked the feel of the car at 3deg better.
The front anti/dive you cannot change, do you mean active castor? I usually run the standard castor, but definitely try both to see what you think.

I always run the droop screws as the droop limiters not the shocks bottoming out. This is easier to adjust, more even/consistent and yes I guess it would ensure the pistons don't accidentally get re-adjusted.

With the rear tower on the front the longer shocks are ok because of the increased distance. I don't know how much up travel I get, I think it is enough because the bumper/chassis corners get worn so I assume that the suspension compresses enough to allow that!
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