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Originally Posted by Robbob View Post
Any thoughts/possibility on a thinner chassis or adjustable battery mount system for shorty packs? (something adjustable front to back similar to ExoTech on their other chassis's)
Adding more mounting points for the battery stays are easy for accommodating shorty packs. figuring out balance is another subject. As it is, the prototype is nearly perfectly balanced with the gear I have installed. Now...
A thinner chassis could be possible however, it's likely most will prefer a 2.25-2.5mm chassis plate with a 2.0mm top plate. We want to introduce some flex characteristics but too much flex will be influenced by drivetrain forces. This will make the car unpredictable. When I tested last on carpet, the car was quite stable and has tons of steering. This is with a 2.5mm chassis and top deck. I believe changing just the top deck to 2mm will yield the additional flex some setups will prefer. There are also anchor point options that can greatly influence flex as well.
Another possibility would be a 2mm Aluminum chassis as an option.

Thanks for the input.
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