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Originally Posted by fmm View Post
Hi all,

I am new with this car (not in F1) and I have some questions that you migth be able to answer:

- in which conditions the speepassion carbon/reinforced parts are recommended? Are they only for carpet? Or do they add some benefits also on asphalt?
- which pinion would you recommend for a 21.5 and 17.5 motor? I have never used 64p spur gears on asphalt and I am wondering if I should use them or directly fit a 48p speedpassion spur gears that also use 16 balls (probably more durable than the 64P)
- I have seen people replacing the servo arm by a servo saver and connecting the steering links directly to the servo saver (instead if using steering rack). To do this modification, I have seen that the servo should go horizontally (with the servo saver on top of the servo). Do I need to have in mind something else to do this mod? Does this steering layout provide any benefits (maybe more direct steering)?

Thank you in advance
The SP carbon uprights are good for any surface, the rev b ones are thicker where the stock ones break

the carbon upper and lower arms are for carpet, you give up too much grip on asphalt with them

you usually want around 2.7-3.0 FDR I only run 21.5 and usually run around 93/33 spur/pinion
I prefer 64p , finer FDR tuning. I only run the xenon 64p spurs, they give you 16 balls for a great tunable diff

the laydown servo is easier to fit under bodies and less slop in the steering, it feels more consistent to me. You have to cut the carbon arm mount plate to do this the best way
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