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Hi all,

I am new with this car (not in F1) and I have some questions that you migth be able to answer:

- in which conditions the speepassion carbon/reinforced parts are recommended? Are they only for carpet? Or do they add some benefits also on asphalt?
- which pinion would you recommend for a 21.5 and 17.5 motor? I have never used 64p spur gears on asphalt and I am wondering if I should use them or directly fit a 48p speedpassion spur gears that also use 16 balls (probably more durable than the 64P)
- I have seen people replacing the servo arm by a servo saver and connecting the steering links directly to the servo saver (instead if using steering rack). To do this modification, I have seen that the servo should go horizontally (with the servo saver on top of the servo). Do I need to have in mind something else to do this mod? Does this steering layout provide any benefits (maybe more direct steering)?

Thank you in advance
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