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Originally Posted by hairless_ape View Post
You have to plug your esc into your phone? That's so quaint. Toro and SpeedPassion both have bluetooth adapters, that allow me to set my ESC's up wirelessly. It's great for making adjustments during practice, you don't even have to get off the stand. [sarcasm]That's such a low end feature, I wish they'd make them more driver friendly.[/sarcasm]

I agree, a box stock SP V3 motor is not very affective for 17.5 blinky. The MMM motors are a better choice for blinky out of the box. However, those timing inserts are only $20, which only only brings the motor cost up to $50. That's still half the cost of most ROAR motors.

Trackstar ROAR motors don't need a timing insert to get "full" adjustment, so you can keep right at 1/3 the cost instead of 1/2.
There are other reasons I will support Tekin.
I had a problem and sent sp 2 emails, never got a reply, but when I sent Tekin one and recieved an answer in a couple hours. I am willing to pay a little more for customer support. The rsSpec is a compact size, allowing more options on placement. Tekin also supports the military by offering an excellent discount program, probably the best in the rc industry, if they continue to support our military, I will always buy Tekin. I have been in the rc hobby off and on since the 80s, and I have never had a Tekin fail when it wasn't my fault. I have 2 sp, one failed in less than a month, the reason I was sending emails.

Everyone has their own opinion, if you like the sp speedos, that's great.
At least to me, Tekin offers me more value for my money.
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