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I receive the parts as I was about to leave for Cleveland, so I didn't have the chance to test it locally on a carpet/track I know well.

But I can say that each time I ran the Awesomatix on ours local low grip carpet, I reduce the punch control on my ORCA VX3. When the groove is going up, I am adding punch. But this week-end, the car feel alright from the start and I didn't play (at all) with the punch (who was max out). So this week-end, on the brand new carpet (I was in the first 10 persons to try the track), the feeling of the shaft haven't bothered me at all. When we figure it out how to run on the bump, the car was very easy to drive.

So, bigger shaft ? SD2 ? New carpet ? Tires ? Traction ? I will test it locally this week-end !

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