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Originally Posted by EAMotorsports View Post
It has very little to do with the motor I believe. Why is their mod class 100 entries almost every race? There is no spec motor there.

The ETS series is so successful because of the way its marketed, organized and ran by one of the best in the industry. Its not a coincidence that the IIC is also the largest in the US. Same person behind both.

The other reason is Europe has nothing like the Snowbirds or IIC over there. They want races like that and the ETS gives them this. The flights are much cheaper for all those people to get to their races too for what ever reason. The races are 3 days long, entry fee is low and the big think is the manufactures are behind the ETS 100%. They bring all their big drivers to the event, setup booths and do numerous other things too that appeal to the racers.

On the other side of it there is more complaining about cheating in the stock class there than any other race Ive ever been too. Simply because everyone thinks since they all run the same gear, same motor, same timing, same speedo that if someone is faster down the straight they demand that that person is cheating and want his entire car torn apart. This is the bad side I have seen when I was over for the ETS a couple of years ago.

So just because everyone runs the exact same thing the whining, crying and accusing people of cheating will never stop. Someone that gets outrun is always going to say someone else was cheating because they are too good to admit someone was better than them.

There are several thoughts why the ETS is better visited than other national and EFRA races.

1) The drivers have nothing to tell, they only have to follow the rules.
2) The rules are simple (but imo there is nothing different than running an EFRA race)
3) For sure with every race you are among many top names
4) it is cheaper than an EFRA race and you even get some interesting gifts you can use.
5) it is well covered by REDRC (although the lower drivers are not mentioned...)

Beginning this year I went to ETS in Germany to meet Mr Jang from Muchmore about a FDR meassure tool I have devellopped and is used on the ETS. I must say there was also a down side at this race, with over 300 contenders there were long days with only less drive time. At that moment there were complains about it.

But my device can also meassure the RPM and the current Muchmore stock ESC/Motor combo is very stable. All motors do share almost the same KV which we can not say with the previous Speed Passion combo, for sure if you know at the end there were many different SP motors with the same order number.
After 1 year collecting all data we can say there is no cheating with motors, ESC's and gearing. The only thing I saw which must be changed by rules is that while walking from the pit table to the track and let the battery inspected on the output voltage many drivers were giving throttle as if they know they have a high voltage which must be drained a bit.
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