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Originally Posted by Raman View Post
I'd like to see a Turbo Scorpion as well; however, I am not sure it will happen. The re-release already comes with the single piece rear suspension mount and differential. Which leaves the gear box wing mount, roll cage with holes for spot lights and lower profile bumper; all of which are available as a hop up. So the only piece left would be the turbo scorpion body, white tub, white rims, spike rear tyres, roof with t-top style cut outs and red anodised shocks (hop up is red anodised but high capacity)

Im too prefer the 2wd, the Optima however was the last car of that era that I used to gawk at thinking it was so cool.
Ah well, even if they don't bring out the Turbo I won't hold it against them lol. Its just great to see some of these old cars return. Don't get me wrong, I used to admire the Optima also, all very cool and unique cars.
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