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Originally Posted by Raman View Post
We share the same wisdom. My off-road collection consists of Sand Scorcher, Wildone and the Scorpion.

Before the rerelease of the Sand Scorcher, I briefly owned an alien spaceship buggy and was trying to figure out how to run a scale body on it. Oddly enough I picked up a Kyosho Beetle Repro from Team Blugrove. I ended up selling the alien buggy in the end to make room for another re-release.

The Re-re Kyosho Beetle will be released next month. Hopefully by Febrary; for the Nürburing Toy Fair; Kyosho will re-re the Tomahawk and the Optima
Your collection sounds cool and lots of fun. I'm thinking I'll start mine with the Scorpion then maybe the Tomahawk, I'd like to see the Turbo Scorpion released also maybe, always wanted one when I was a kid. Always been a 2wd fan so these three would be nice, plus they share lots of parts. Its great to see all these cars from my childhood come around once again, what's old is now new lol.
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