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Originally Posted by T. Deguzman View Post
i usually design in some slop in the car. i posted a long explanation before but i couldn't find it. it may have been on the D812 thread. anyway a little bit of slop makes it so you don't have to 'break-in' a new car and it stays more consistent from the time it is freshly built till it's several race days old. this also keeps you from having to chase a setup for a tight car to a sloppy car. however having said that the steering rack did end up more sloppy than intended. i had plans to tighten it up but Ty never mentioned it so it didn't get too urgent on my to-do list. on my car i found an axle shim from a touring car that fit over the rack bushing. i used that to tighten the fit a little, or as posted by someone before you can shorten the bushing with a dremel as well.
With all the talking about what Torrance said versus what the drivers said about the steering rack. Here is what was actually said.
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