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Originally Posted by MasiisaM View Post
How would they know? TOP tier drivers? Are you serious right now? They have nothing to compare to? Do you think the team drivers didn't try to take the slop out if they thought it was important? I mean hell these guys use KYO springs among other things on their cars dialed... they use whatever ..they use OTHER manufactures gear to get their cars set up. They use whatever to get them the best package and NOT one team driver says the slop is an issue...

Recap..not ONE team driver has an issue with it..the LEAD designer dosn't have an issue with it. Yet the guy that is selling a part thinks it makes a difference. Im sorry to call you out on that..but get the the hell out of here with that BS.

Im just calling a spade a spade...I will eat my words if TY or anyone of the team starts using the products your SELL.

You sell a placebo product..And thats fine...just don't come on here and say TOP trier drivers haven't tried it and they don't know any better VS. the average guy trying to make a buck.

That makes absolutely no sense at all. Slop is something that is there regardless of who is driving the car. Of course they are going to say it makes no difference why would they not, the designer admitting to anything other than the way it is would send customers into a riot.

Placebo means fake, if i made an exact duplicate of the kit bar with slop built in that would be placebo but the fact is that my bar decreases slop and that my friend is something that you can see and feel, You giving an opinion on something that you have no experience with is a moot point because You simply do not know, you dont have an RCShox bar therefore you have nothing to compare to.

I never said my part did anything except get rid of slop in which it does, if you like the slop in your steering than by all means keep it, thats your choice. But to come on a public forum and talk about something that you do not know about is ridiculous and stupid at the same time. You can get out of here with that BS . Your "team" information that comes from RED RC , LiveRC or facebook or any other place except for an actual team drivers mouth is just your opinion and thats it.

Why dont you replace your wheel bearings with bushings since slop makes no difference.

I wasnt the one that ever complained about the slop in the first place. I only made something to help out the ones that do not desire steering slop whether you like it or not.

Just because the team guys dont use it (which my friend is not 100% true) doesnt mean everyone else doesnt need it. You dont drive like Tessman, nor do 98% of the people that purchased this car. And like Wildcat said slop does effect everything especially in steering.

Since you know so much why dont you tell me where this is incorrect:
stock rack has slop? yes or no
Ack bar slop equals incorrect steering angles? yes or no
Ack bar slop effects bump steer? yes or no
RCShox bar eliminates all of the above? yes or no

interesting how you can adjust your camber .5* and feel the difference but replacing a part that gets rid of up to 1.5 mm of slop does nothing, yea that makes sense.....

Far from a placebo and if you really think it is then its your single twisted opinion. Many have been sold and none have been returned so it seems to me that everyone except you is right or i have managed to flip the universe while pulling off the scam of the century on the RCtech D413 thread MUUUUUHAHAHA Gimme a break
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