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Originally Posted by MantisWorx View Post
How would they know , they never tried it and have nothing to compare to?
If the car has steering slop without the ballbearing bar and zero slop with it, how does that make it placebo? But hey 20% of this hobby is doing what everyone else does.......
How would they know? TOP tier drivers? Are you serious right now? They have nothing to compare to? Do you think the team drivers didn't try to take the slop out if they thought it was important? I mean hell these guys use KYO springs among other things on their cars dialed... they use whatever ..they use OTHER manufactures gear to get their cars set up. They use whatever to get them the best package and NOT one team driver says the slop is an issue...

Recap..not ONE team driver has an issue with it..the LEAD designer dosn't have an issue with it. Yet the guy that is selling a part thinks it makes a difference. Im sorry to call you out on that..but get the the hell out of here with that BS.

Im just calling a spade a spade...I will eat my words if TY or anyone of the team starts using the products your SELL.

You sell a placebo product..And thats fine...just don't come on here and say TOP trier drivers haven't tried it and they don't know any better VS. the average guy trying to make a buck.
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