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why do all cars essentially look the same? Where's the out of the box thinking? RC is a battle of the clone wars. Drivers are just that, drivers. They aren't engineers. There may be an exception somewhere but for the most part they are just people with raw talent for driving. Durango can't even keep parts in stock. Why pay drivers when you can't keep parts in stock?[/QUOTE]

Never said drivers were "designers" ..they just give feedback on "do the new parts work"..and on the "can't keep parts in stock" I understand that pro drivers cost money but keeping one or two on staff would be wise..and most "sponsored" drivers are at cost anyways..I don't know how your local racing scene is but where I'm at the 17.5 class is huge..mod is hit & miss. The Durango is not a good 17.5 car..great mod car. I had some luck with the Durango in the 13.5 class but not in the 17.5 class.
I didn't say it was your fault, I said I was blaming you.
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