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Originally Posted by HB Moose View Post
What can we do as a hobby to make it less intimidating to race on-road? A decent 17.5 motor running in blinky mode can be a handful for a unskilled or beginning driver. It sure seem my cars are running way faster with brushless stock now than they were running 27 turn brushed motors a few years ago.

What would it take to make 21.5 turn brushless the entry level? Even an older driver with decreasing reactions doesn’t always need to run the fastest class. Currently we have a couple of the SoCal tracks running GT10 classes that are Stock Sedan with different bodies and spoked wheels. The speeds and setup are pretty much the same as Stock.

Anyone else out there think a 21.5 GT class could work? VTA cars welcome too. Basically just a 21.5 blinky class. All skill levels welcome but a slightly slower race.
Aren't you pretty much describing USGT? Thats what our 21.5 class is based on and it is proving to be very popular with beginners.
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