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Originally Posted by Ryan Maker View Post
...and with quite a few big crashes (traction rolls etc) i've had not one issue with anything breaking or tweaking...the car is near indestructible!
Let me report on a traction roll happened last week, I was going through the only one "fast" corner on a small tight outdoor track, well exiting the corner I have a traction roll and the car roll perfectly on the roof of the bodyshell and quickly slip and collide with the edge of the track with the rear end.
Result? the "fantastic", for someone (for me the most foolish idea I've ever seen), 4mm rear damper stay didn't break and transfer the stress to the entire chassis causing the break of the upperdeck and of one of the rear bulkhead clamp, meanwhile the other one just bent like one of the main bulkhead.
In addition to that also the motor mount slightly bent and I found it disconnected from the front stiffner because the screw just was came out.
Very nice indestructible car for sure with more than 100 euros of damage!
I am very disappointed with the quality of the car, and this fortunately happened running the car in blinky 13.5, I guess what would happened if I run it in modified. I know that the perfect crash can always occur, but I am sorry to say that with tamiya even in the worst crashes this never happened
So, I don't know, but at the moment I'm not attracted by the d07
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