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Originally posted by Tbevofreak
Hi guys!!

I tried the car, not at the track but on a road close to my house, it was just to break in the drivetrain but still I was impressed by the wai it handled!
If find the car very agressive, more than my evo3, its really awsome!


It didn't free up my drivetrain that much so I'll take the drivetrain apart and re-build it, I have to manage to make it spin at least 2-3 secs at least then I'll know the drivetrain is ok.

Can't wait to get it dialed in properly and hit the track!

The stock outdrives aren't boken yet, I geared my 12t long so it wouldn't be too "torquey" I

Utieh how is you car? Did you run it?

See ya!!
I didn't even finish to build it...everything is done but lie you the drivetrain doesn't spin more than a second, had tried different shimming, removed the grease out of the bearingbut it's not really free, I found a way to mount a Mabuchi with some thick shims, I will break in the transmission tomorrow.
Unfortunately I'm working the whole week end so I won't be able to try it this week, maybe next week end
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