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Originally Posted by Paco1001 View Post
Last night went not bad. At the start of the night the car was better but still not good buy any stretch of the imagination. After talking to a good friend about the car we did a little work on the diff.

Took out the aluminum spacer and 2 washers and put in the thrust bearing. Took out the AW grease. Re-lubed with stealth diff lube an semi broke in the diff.

By far the car is the best it has ever been. Had first place in the bag but got tied up with slower traffic near the end of the race and didn't have enough time to get it back.

I really have to find the McLaren wing. The carbon rod I put in broke right in the middle.

We have a 3 day race coming up at the end of the month. F1 has been entered into this race for the first time ever. Hope I can find a wing before then.
That's great I'm glad it went better for you!!! honestly even when the 2014 wing doesn't drag it still doesn't handle well at all...any wing is better than the 2014 front wing in my opinion. you would be better off putting one of the 3 racing lexan wing on the car if you really had to until you can find a mclaren wing
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