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Originally Posted by LasagnaCat View Post
The Reflex post system is awesome... easy to get in and out, you can shim it for your packs so it's secure but not binding, and is on my short list of the best aftermarket products ever. You can essentially have your pack 'floating' loose on the chassis, a strap is much easier to overdo and tweak your ride. Yes, it's the most expensive option listed so far.. but it makes you never want to use tape or a velcro strap ever again.
+1 to that. If you really can't cope with tape then the Reflex system is the best option. To hold the lipo in securely enough with a velcro strap will require it to be super-tight and tweak the chassis like crazy.

Originally Posted by Brokin Racing View Post
Wonder where they got the "silver" bulkheads in the car pictured???
Off the T3R
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