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Originally Posted by HeavyD99 View Post
There are no 4wd front Splitters, you will have to cut down a pair or rears to fit what you need. That being said, the Splitters are kinda tall pin, they look super cool, but they will only be as good as the surface you run on. What I mean is, they could be good, but for hard packed, they will likely just "skate" over top of that type of surface, you might be better off running a harder type front tire or a front tire with less grip. Are you running it in short wheelbase? That is, are the rear hubs fully forward?
I'll try to post a setup sheet once I get around to filling it out. The surface is hard packed dirt, but it gets a fine dust over it and drys out once the heat gets turned on and the day goes on. Small pins seem to work well and a supersoft tire has worked best in my experience. I have the hubs almost fully back, running the avid pistons 32.5 F & 27.5 R (3dot springs) The plastic shim is off on the back, but I retained the stock toe plate (not the +2) to keep the roll center as low as possible, pills are in bottom - outer location. Rear shocks are on the back of the tower (bumpy track) and two brass 20gram weights have been installed (they really seem to help). I've been running green dirtwebs and they are very consistent, I just need to get the rear end settled down a tad more when getting on throttle (RSX with 6.5 no boost or timing). The slipper is also set
pretty loose, but it seems to have helped a bit.
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