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Originally Posted by niznai View Post
Typical greenhorn fanboy rant. I would hazard a guess you're a hipster too (like the rest of Apple fandom). All you need is a white 60's single speed bycicle if you don't have one.

1. You need to bring up your maintenance skills to keep the car reliable.

2. If you strip pulleys is not because the design is bad, is because you don't adjust the tension properly on your belts (not too tight, not too loose). If I had the wobble problem and thought it was serious I would try to shim the bearings. More often than not, that is where the wobble you describe comes from. The aluminium pulleys are not going to solve your problems. As most experienced racers know, Aluminum wears down and you're up for another pulley soon. Correctly adjusted, plastic lasts forever (good plastics, it's true; but Xray has some of the best - I have never seen one wear down or strip as you say). I bet you're not even running mod, either.

3. You're a member of a very lonely club if you think Tamiya is innovative. They're about as innovative as a Toyota Corolla.

4. You need to race more and spend less time on forums.

5. Stop being a fan of companies, try to be a fan of your own growth. (not of yourself, you've got that covered by being a hipster).

Oh, an by the way, Samsung figured it out. It turns out hipsters queue up for Apple iCrap releases because they don't have a life.

LOL. ...another dude running his flaps, I set the trap just to see YOU react!

Womp, womp, womp!

I agree that no car is perfect, which is why they make changes and improvements each year. Even Xray finds areas of improvement over the previous years model. I'm sure they don't make changes just to say Me Too! You must think that each year the team drivers never suggest improvement areas on the current model years car. Every year most manufacturers say hey we've made these changes or improvements to make the car better than the previous year as we've found these problems and this is why you should buy the new one. Is it that I'm not a team driver and have no right to suggest areas of improvement, and therefore shouldn't be heard or considered? Novice!

1. A fresh out of the box build and there's spur slop? The point of making changes every year is to make improvements, and set the bar in key areas. The Yokomo BD7 is a great example. I think we "might" all agree that Volker, Matsukura, and Hara are ahead of the pack in driving skills no matter what car they might have. But, the BD7 is leading everybody in nearly all races - oh, and in Mod. But, yet each year the BD7 gets changes or improvements. Else, they may as well just release the same car year after year until somebody beats them.

2. *It's clear you don't have good reading comprehension. I said I had no more problems AFTER changing out parts so it's not how much tension I'm applying. The wear down on your pulley has more to do with your driving style. There isn't so much wrong with how one drives. What ever works for you. All of the top drivers have different driving styles that causes more stress on different areas of the car. A prime example is Matsukura stated his driving style wears down his tires a lot. Yet, he's winning. Is there something so wrong with his driving style wearing down tires when he's winning at the end of 5min? Common sense should tell you not to apply too much or too less tension. Then again, your response shows that you don't have a whole lot of that (Common sense)!

3. Let me clear this up for you. I think Tamiya is an innovative company b/c of the variation of R/C cars they have and they are different but similar for cross-parts compatibility. In regards to the competition Touring Cars (TRF41x), no I don't see them as being very innovative b/c it seems they are copying. Awesomatics would be classified in my opinion as the *most innovative, and such there are levels to being innovative.

4. I'm not on the forums much, check your facts.

5. Well you got me there. What can I say? I'm a fan of pure innovating thinking! Innovation is the primary reason why Apple is the richest "company" in the world. It's always a funny and interesting conversation about Apple and those who want to hate them. Here's another facts check. All notable mobile phones for sell from up to 2007 were keypad or Palm like devices. After the iPhones release ,and now theres this such thing as a capacitive touch screen, every device release following has attempted to be this term we're all familiar with, "The iPhone Killer!", and same in the iPad tablet space. Lol

My goal in the initial post was to be inspiring by pointing out an area in which I think can be improved. Inspiration develops attention, attention causes all of us to focus on the next release. Xray wants us to buy their products to grow their business, ultimately. For the consumer it's all fun. For them it's fun and business. If you read Martin Hudy's column posts for the announce he stated that in discussion with Francesco they found tweak in the motor mount. The motor mount bulkheads were already in production and so he stopped production to fix and build a new motor mount. This updated parts change seemingly came from one conversation to note which inspired Martin to refocus and be innovative in that area.

My posts are never to bash. As I said, I'm a pure Xray fan. Why? I like the quality they put into making their cars. The new anti-roll bar design, roll-centers, and suspension holders are all innovative and work really well. To me Xray is to R/C, what Apple is to mobile hardware. Xray inspires others to make their cars very similar more than any other manufacturer. Don't be a follower, be a leader. A follower keeps his eyes closed and mouth shut, and likely set in the back of the class in school. A leader speaks up, brings forth idea's, and likely set in the front of the class and or participated. Not try to shut down every thought one of the smart students presented. If it sounds like you then maybe YOU to should be inspired!

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