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Originally Posted by rafyel View Post

(can't be bothered to repeat everything here, see above)
Typical greenhorn fanboy rant. I would hazard a guess you're a hipster too (like the rest of Apple fandom). All you need is a white 60's single speed bycicle if you don't have one.

1. You need to bring up your maintenance skills to keep the car reliable.

2. If you strip pulleys is not because the design is bad, is because you don't adjust the tension properly on your belts (not too tight, not too loose). If I had the wobble problem and thought it was serious I would try to shim the bearings. More often than not, that is where the wobble you describe comes from. The aluminium pulleys are not going to solve your problems. As most experienced racers know, Aluminum wears down and you're up for another pulley soon. Correctly adjusted, plastic lasts forever (good plastics, it's true; but Xray has some of the best - I have never seen one wear down or strip as you say). I bet you're not even running mod, either.

3. You're a member of a very lonely club if you think Tamiya is innovative. They're about as innovative as a Toyota Corolla.

4. You need to race more and spend less time on forums.

5. Stop being a fan of companies, try to be a fan of your own growth. (not of yourself, you've got that covered by being a hipster).

Oh, an by the way, Samsung figured it out. It turns out hipsters queue up for Apple iCrap releases because they don't have a life.
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