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Originally Posted by John Wallace2 View Post
Just curious, what are the ARS settings recommended?
I just used what was suggested on page 22 of the latest manual v1.1, and by doing so I understand that it will minimally increase toe-in.

Also, to note my setup is for low : medium grip asphalt. I suggest starting off with very small changes to ARS and anything for that matter. I setup my car to use the same settings I had on my T4'14. If you have a T4'14 and have had success with it's setup you should start there. The T4'14 and T4'15 aren't drastically different as I see it in terms of setup. As far as setup goes, in my view there is simply just additional quick-roll center settings to try if it helps on your track and the addition of ARS if you plan on using it.

If you have a really good feel for your car when driving it then you should know if you'll benefit from more toe-in or less-toe around the corners. With that being said I suggest everyone try it but, there may be track changing track conditions where you may not need or want your rear toe to dynamically adjust depending upon your driving style. I think that the key point for everyone is that ARS may surely help but it's all based on your driving ability and or driving style.

Example: ARS will work differently for everyone. I used to break minimalistic around turns to have a flowing turn around corners with not much speed loss, for that style I would think that you'd probably need more toe-in for sharp turns. My driving style has changed and now I brake hard but not fully almost at the very last second before a turn, it seems that I wouldn't need as much toe-in or even decreased toe if it's not tight corners. That could all be the inverse depending on your track layout, and your driving style.
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