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Originally Posted by d16dcoe45 View Post
The innovation is the fact of the recent use of machined alloy chassis, big bore emulsion shocks (even in TC emulsion/aeration shocks seem to give better traction) very aggressive cab forward bodies (obviously can't carry this over completely) mid motor & even center motor 2wd buggies--3 diffs for 4wd off road & designing cars AROUND current lipo technology--not designing cars around old style brick packs.

Why no center diff for 1/10 electric TC? It can give the corner speed advantage of a one-way without the negative effects (ie loss of front brakes) of a one way.

Why no new style TC bodies? Current sedan bodies do not look realistic anyway so why not design a sedan body that REALLY has some aero?

The aluminum chassis only came to on road (talking about electric) after it was tried and worked quite well in off road. And while its still not the clear way to go I doubt that it would've even have been tried if it wasn't for off road.

I know this is the 419 thread and I apologize for going off topic. Lets get back to tradition & brick packs. :-)
You can thank ROAR for stopping a couple of those from happening.
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