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Originally Posted by energyracing View Post
Hello Folks,
I was wondering why are touring cars still running full size lipo packs and not shorties?
This is a GREAT question! I think the minimum weight for TC should be lowered to 1250 worldwide. In the states we have 1380 which is easy to drop below even with 7500 packs.

Full size 2s lipos are a throwback that mimics 6 sub c cells which of course are not used anymore so why do we INSIST on keeping the shape? Its funny to me! In off road --where there is actually some real innovation--almost everything is shorties, saddles & squares and guys are putting shorties where saddles used to go for weight savings & faster reacting, faster cars .

In mod TC there is ZERO reason to run a heavy full size lipo beyond making legal weight and fitting in to some archaic rule. You can still make run time with a 4700 shorty. The main shorty issue is throwing the balance off which can be somewhat alleviated by mounting the esc on the battery side but that is a stop gap--not a real solution. The full size pack on one side/electronics & motor on the other is a throwback to ni-mh/brushed motors. It makes a car roll more and not able to change direction quickly.

I am of the opinion that TCs would do well with a major overhaul with the emphasis on CENTER mounted batteries and center mounted motors. If they can do it with 4wd electric off road they can do it with TCs. Having a full size pack hanging off the side is a "put it wherever it fits " mentality and shows a real lack of creativity & innovation.

There is SO much innovation going on in off road right now where designers are designing entire chassis around the smaller, lighter cells that it makes me wonder why not the same for on-road TC? Maybe if on-road was more popular in the states you would see manufacturers step it up.

I feel like people accept the status quo for TCs and then come up with reasons/excuses why a full size pack is necessary. IMO its
similar reasoning to the "factual" reasons that brushless motors would NEVER work in competition. I bet in a few years, full size lipos which mimic 6 sub c in size will be relegated to bashing vehicles and the order if the day for race cars will be cells of ALL shapes and sizes that will best fit each class of vehicle.

Sorry for the novella, but I just had to give my take :-)
Jay Lestingi

Tamiya 419x/Associated TC7.1/Sanwa M12s/Xpert servos

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