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1. Do you wish RC racing was more mainstream? with spectator and possible TV?

I doubt this is possible. Live RC coverage is great but unless you are into RC theres no reason to watch.

2. If you attended a race like the worlds would you be bummed if you were in one of the rain heats which were drastically slower?

I have driven in heats where you have no idea whos car is whos as they are all mud color. I have seen heats where there was so much water on the track the cars were throwing huge rooster tails down the straight, cover the electronics and let them run. Some choose not to drive their heat, personally I come to race if the race director says the heat is on and its my heat then its my time to drive.

3. do you go to a major race for fun or to be competitive? think about this and please be honest.

Above all I have a great time at the track. I have a general rule that if I am not having fun (win or loose) then its time to go home. So far I have only come close to going home 1 time, my buddies lended me a hand and all was good again. I do like the competition, thats what makes it interesting and I always shoot for 1 main higher when I go to DNC.

4. which of the following videos is more fun to watch for you?

DNC 2013 IMO

5. of the 2 videos which is more appealing to a NON rc driver?

DNC 2013 - The Silverstate race looked very hectic due to the overly bumpy track.

6. which do you think is better for MAJOR RACES? Old school dirt or Sugar (hardpacked)?

I personally dont like sugar tracks, just my opinion. Tire wear is horrible, chassis and equipment matches tire wear, etc.

Tracks like Amain Hobbies, The Fear Farm AZ, Thunder Alley CA, CVR CA dont sugar the hell out of the track - theres pleanty of traction and tire wear is normal. A general rule of thumb - when slicks work better than tread theres too much dam sugar on the track.
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