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Originally Posted by willcarrera View Post
There is some serious anger and pain on this thread. This is an opinion from a guy who has just come back to RC racing after a 14 year layoff. I decided to get back into RC racing earlier this year and fell in love with the idea of the GT class and picked up a Cobra GT (serpent fanboy). Thinking this was going to be a great reintroduction into racing at a more beginner level giving me time to start driving and acquiring tools and gear needed to get into a different classes. Boy was I wrong, I know that all racing comes with a large price tag but I had no idea what all was involved with the GT class. I have raced 10th scale and 1/8th scale at a competitive level so I have an idea of the time and money it takes to get a good setup going, but the overall car knowledge of racing is taken to the limits with the GT car. I was not around for the true spec class or open class all I know is the current class and I see it not surviving the way its being commissioned. A person new to RC will be quickly turned off by the type of modifications needed to be made to be competitive and an experienced driver doesn't want another headache. The way I see this class really working is something bone stock where both beginners and experienced drivers can just get together and have fun. This opinion is also coming from a guy who has every optional part on this car along with every body and an engine modified by a pro. Go figure
It use to be that way in the very beginning of the class. At first, all that was allowed to run was the stock RTR engine and car straight out of the box. Then, a few upgrades were allowed and in some areas, a short-list of inexpense engines were allowed to replace the RTR engines (all the lists had engines that were comparable in horsepower and all were under $200). It wasn't until after the Ipanema race in March 2010 when some in the class decided to make it a money-driven class. When I first started running GT, it cost less than $700 to run the class (even changing to one of the low-cost "spec" engines on the developed lists). The new players that came in starting 2011 push the class to where it is today. To be competitive with the guys running now, you have to spend just as much if not a little more than an 8th scale Lola-bodied 4wd pan car (which is not where this class was suppose to be). The original concept of this class was to be a fun, entry-level nitro class where the cars are super durable and a class to bring the parking lot bashers (and some 8th scale offroaders) from the fringes to the track. There have been a few that have been trying to bring a spec-type level back to the class (to run alongside the money guys) but it has been fought against tooth and nail for whatever reasons.
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