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There’s no “beef”, was just pointing out who created the GT Spec & GT Open class concept.

For the past three years the “misguided” have run the classes we invented into the ground. It’s funny because now they have 100% of nothing.

The Blackhawk transmission you spoke of was invented with the help of our friends “Dava” of Mexico City & “MikaR” of Finland (Both early GT racing pioneers). We built about 300 of the Blackhawk transmissions (Which kept GT racing alive back in the day) and stopped production once Kyosho fixed their unit.

As far as the class being better now than yesterday, that is another false meme to protect those that ruined what we built.

Sure, the cars are a little bit faster; there are a few “Pro” drivers, but other than that where’s the class today?

Bro, racing against the same 8 to 12 guys week after week is far from a growing class.

The GT class is dead and the pitiful race attendance levels since the GT Spec class was murdered are proof. The pathetic low attendance in GT now are what happens when the crazies get to run our GT class their way. 100% of nothing = Nothing, lol

The silly new engine rule protects nothing, drop the on-road guts into an off-road engine or pay an engine guru for mod$ to your engine and it fits the “rule”.

Wannna know why they made the "Licensed body only" rule?
Wannna know who was behind that rule?

I'll leave you guys to continue to kill off whats left of the class we built, have fun doing it your way! lol
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