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I wasn't trying to be offensive in my response. I really hate the logic that if someone else does something that it must be for a good reason. That is a terrible assumption. The reality is that in any aspect of engineering (my job), copying is quite common while true innovation is quite rare. Thomas Andrews had a reason for designing the water tight bulkheads of the Titanic so that they only went up to E deck instead of A deck. There was a reason why he didn't use a larger more effective rudder. There was a reason why Captain Smith, the most experienced captain, ignored ice warnings and set a faster pace. There was a reason why Moron Thiokol engineers chose the o-ring material that they did for the Space Shuttle rocket boosters used on every launch up until the Challenger disaster. I could go on and on with examples of how the experts in their field did things that didn't always work out. Up until those events, why would anyone question them? Admittedly we are just talking about rc cars and tuning them but the point to be made is that you should never arbitrarily copy others if you believe you've got a way that works better. Incidentally rc cars today are essentially copies of each other. Look at competing designs over the past 25 years and you'll see similarities from brand to brand with parallel development of features over time. Most things are copies with the occasional new innovation added into the mix. That's essentially what I already said about engineering design.

My number one question to the people that think my techniques are weird is "have you tried it?". The answer is almost always no. Incidentally, those above that agree with me have tried it! It's not to say that it's the only way that it should be done. It is however proof that you don't have to do what others do to get good results. The quote in my signature sums up pretty well how I feel about things.
Ok i have tried it but only on a slipperyish surface, i found that it gives more steering and less rear grip, i hvent tried it on high grip as i usually have lots of steering with this buggy in MM4 and it jumps better i found in MM4 but each to there own!
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