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Default TestLogger 2.0

Version 2.0 is now in production!! It is marked as beta and changes are still done on daily basis.

So what has changed from 1.0 to 2.0?
* Everything is built from scratch except the database
* User interface is based on Bootstrap. Works a lot better with phones and tablets. Also more consistent on every page.
* Setups are now longer uploaded as PDF files. Now setups are in database as version controlled items. All setup sheet parameters are stored in database, so comparison between setups is possible.
* Improved social part. You can send private messages to users. User profile pages are also a new thing. Activity feed is improved. Share updates with other users or browse the latest RC news. Share setups to your friends.
* Analyze work is improved. For example sessions have a lot bigger meaning. Session page gives weather information, run statistics, setup changes...
* Possibility to merge Mylaps sessions
* Tons of small changes and a lot more to come…

Please notice! Currently only few cars have setup sheet created, so please send a request via TestLogger or reply here if you want to get the setup sheet done for specific car.

The tool is located at See the first post for more details.

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