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Originally Posted by sosidge View Post
Its just a dumb rule. Someone will buy a common Mini like a Swift or 500 and get turned away from the track. What's the benefit of that?
To be honest, they would let any M-Chassis race. I think its just a 'Preferred' shell type. (Got my wires crossed)

Originally Posted by monkeyracing View Post
Qatmix, are you running TCS rules? I noticed you mentioned something about Sweep tires, so I'm assuming not. How about bodies from companies like Blitz? Their shells are good quality and half the price of Tamiya.
Definitely not TCS rules. I think Any make of shell will be ok, again preferably a mini. I am now considering the Montech Mini shell (looks like a Monster Mini)

Originally Posted by Granpa View Post
Let me answer the question this way. The best carpet racer I know uses a SWB car.
Well the Montech is a swb, so I'm going to try that at first. Thanks for the answers.
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