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Originally Posted by eR1c View Post
have a question about the Tamiya "M" bodies.

Curious if there is a consensus about which is best?
I did some research, the old school mini body is among the tallest, whereas the honda S800 body is one of the lowest at a full inch lower (speaking of height of the body not the chassis). Wouldn't a taller body lend itself to chassis roll?
Also, the CRX body and JCW MINI body seem to be the most aerodynamic (just in my opinion based off looks). Wouldn't this help them keep better top end speed on straights?

We are still running silvercans for the rest of this season, but switch to brushless 21t next race season. thinking that as we go to brushless the speeds will increase slightly making aerodynamics more of an issue??

Just wondering if I should switch from the old school Mini body to something like the CRX or Honda S800 for racing? -I am placing in the upper 3-5 spots out of 10-15 guys. ...but losing it on the straights (wondering about aerodynamics) and notice I still have a bit more body roll than the top couple spots (thinking of a taller body vs lower body).
The standard for the longest time was the Suzuki Swift body cause it was so neutral with no nasty habits. It's still the most popular at the Tamiya USA track. The old Rover Mini body was for a short wheelbase car. Also the JCW Coupe is for a LWB car and that front air dam if it gets tweaked can cause problems.

Nothing wrong with a little body roll. This ain't F1. Look at the full sized touring cars.
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