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Originally Posted by Rodarbal View Post
I'll be running a Trackstar with an Xtreme Stock this weekend. I'm too cheap to buy anything else for this class and I'm bound and determined to make the combo work on the boiling Texas asphalt.

Some of the local fast guys only buy the best of the best and they consistently win (as in dominantly win). So it's easy to see how convincing it can be to some to have a thick wallet. I'm sure if you gave them a sub-level motor, battery or ESC they'd still kick booty. Until I can buy a "bag o' skill" I'll keep working on my chassis setup and driving. My problem is that I don't get enough trigger time (I haven't raced on-road in what seems like months).
Bill (Need4Speed) ran the Track Star at the last EOS race and had to switch it out for the main because of the extreme heat. Last race in Austin he was middle fast of 10 with the track Star and finished 2nd. There is real parity in 21.5 motors in USGT here in Texas. Not sure if its the 12 minute mains that is levels the playing field or what. Might not be the same if it were a 5 or 6 minute sprint races.
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