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Originally Posted by onefast8 View Post
Decided to live life on the edge and try the Savox 1251.

Had to do a few things:

1. Remove servo arm ballstud spacer.
2. Remove grommet from servo lead/case. I used a dab of silicone to fill in.
3. Position servo slightly to the left of the car so as to leave a slight gap in the right side mount to clear the servo lead. No case mod/cutting was required. No pinching here, its "just" enough to let the lead come out at 90 Deg.
4. Used one very thin rotor shim to move the arm very slightly off the servo output spline. Under the horn/on top of output spline.
5. Slight shaving on the servo side bottomish side steering link to clear the case. Does not touch at all under full lock.


I like how you cut out the factory battery mount. Not a huge change but gives more options for esc/rec layout. Factory mount is a big waste of space if you run a shorty.
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