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Originally Posted by 2uzferunner03 View Post
You said you were new to rc so I wasn't sure if you knew you wanted a car or just something that's capable onroad.
As far as the rx/TX I just got a radiolink rc3s and its been great so far. For $50 it's a great option.
Is your motor brushed or brushless? If it's brushed stick to the nimh Batts and wall charger for now. If it's brushless measure your battery compartment and go on and order the largest 2s battery that will fit (zippy or nano tech will do). For the charger I would get the accucel 6 from that same site along with a 6 amp power source to run it.

The tc4 is still a capable chassis for club racing if you decide to give that a go. I still race an hpi pro3 that came out around the same time in 17.5. I'm nowhere near being competitive but let's just say it's not the cars fault.
I am new just been doing alot of research and figured the tc4 would be best for me. Just bought some cheap dynarex 3000mah battery for now. I appreciate everyones advice. Thank you
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