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Originally Posted by niznai View Post
Can you give us some more detail? Track? Class? Tires used? What did you find problematic and how you addressed it?
I entered my first ever on road race this weekend (medium sized outdoor asphalt). rookie with the tq (though I did get 2nd place in the amain after two mishaps I couldnt recover from), I would have probably made the amain in sportsman with my laptimes.

Anywho, I ran both cars on a pretty much box stock setup using stock springs on both, box stock oils (shock/diff) on the evo.

The 418 had 37.5 shock oil all around with front diff at 7k and rear diff at 3k, otherwise, all stock.

I ran the first 2 quals with the 418 and the last 2 quals with the Evo. Evo top 5 laptimes were about .1 faster than my 418.

The 418 feels like I might be able to go faster with if I work on my driving/setup but the Evo just felt great right off the bat, felt very easy to drive and did not bite back at me if I pushed it too hard like the 418. Evo inspired my confidence, felt very safe. I think that's what the difference was but I may make some changes to do more back to back tests.

Also, the 418 had a slightly faster stock motor than the old tired reedy stock I had on the Evo.

As far as problems with the Evo, I can't recall any.. yeah, it's loud but it's acceptably loud for me. I don't think it really stands out as being much louder than other cars. I haven't even shimmed it or anything. I did use some Eureka Lube on the gears so that made it quieter (tested the sound back to back).
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