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Originally Posted by Dominus10trTT View Post
Hi there I'm new to this site and new to the world of rc cars. I currently own a dominus 10tr and I have upgraded the motor and esc and also using 2s lipo nano tec. Now I keep stripping the standard spur gear because it's plastic can I get a stronger one to go straight on any help would be appreciated cheers
The plastic spur gear is fine they use those on 5th scake to.
I would bet since you changed your motor that you gear mesh is off. It either to close or to far away.
there are two ways to set gear mesh.
one is with a piece of paper. You losen the motor enough to move it in or out a little. Then you will take the paper and put it between the pinion gear and spur. Push the motor in snug and tighten it down. Then pull the paper out. After you pull the paper out you want to turn the spur by hand to make sure it not getting smashed into an of the groves. If it to tight it will melt the spur. If it to lose it will strip the teeth off.

second way is grab a pinion that is one tooth bigger mase it all the way in and tighten down the motor then p I t your smaller gear back on.
Or yiu can try to eyeball it which is what most of us doe now. Soon when you get good you will be doing the same.
The goal is to get about a one mm of play in between the teeth. And you should be set for a very long time depending on track or playing field conditions.
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