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I currently have an MBX7 ECO that has just recently replaced an XB9E. I prefer the Mugen over the XRay. Remember, loose is fast. The XRay was too planted for me which seemed to drag it's rear through turns. I could never really tune that out of the car without going to extreme shock and/rear suspension set-ups which then caused issues with landings. The Mugen isn't too loose, but just enough to get a nice linear rotation that makes for great corner speed. I was not thrilled with the XRay shock package either. Right out of the box the Mugen shocks were so much more forgiving. The XRay is extremely durable with just two exceptions, the front arms eventually bow/twist and need replaced every so often, and . . . the out-drives . Man, I was notching the out-drives up every 6 months. At $38 a pair, it was pricing me out of racing. It turns out the Hudy drive shaft pins were just too hard compared to the out-drive material. I used Mugen pins at the end and that extended the life of the out drives significantly. The Mugen is indestructible in almost every facet. I've heard of guys having problems with the front arms, but I've never broken a single part on my previous MBX6 or this 7. And as was stated earlier, the XRay parts are crazy expensive.
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