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Originally Posted by InARush View Post
After somewhat understanding the importance of the C rating I see it would be important to know the esc/motor amp rating. How would I find the amp rating of the esc and motor? Is the amperage of the two static or can it be adjust with a programmer like the Hotwire 2 for tekin?
The amp ratings on ESCs and Motors are the maximum continuous current they can tolerate for some set period of time without being damaged by the heat buildup. Within limits (very high limits) the shorter that "set period" is, the higher the amp rating will be for the same electronics configuration. (There may also be a burst racing for the ESC which is even less relevant.) That info is generally irrelevant for use in an off-road RC car when trying to decide on a battery. For example that Neu motor I mentioned was rated at a 1000 watts continuous, 2000 watts peak. It averaged 300 watts on the track, one third of its heat dissipation rating.

If you were flying an airplane or helicopter in competition where you were continuously at full or near to full throttle and maximum load, those numbers would be important in choosing a battery rating. But not for an RC car.

In a car, maximum current is used when accelerating from a stop, and so very rarely. In an airplane, the propeller has no load on it when starting up, so it is not until it reaches higher RPM that the load builds. RC Cars on off-road tracks don't go fast enough that the load from air drag exceeds the load from initial acceleration.

Some ESCs have current limiters that will reduce max current draw on acceleration.

IMHO, SMC batteries are way better than Gens Ace.
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