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Originally Posted by ta_man View Post
This is the kind of post that, while the information may be literally true, the content is not helpful in answering the question. It actually confuses people who are starting out and may take the amp ratings literally.

The reason it is not helpful is the disconnect between continuous C ratings and the actual current draw of a car in racing conditions. Yes, the ESC may be rated at 120 amps continuous, but you never see 120 amps continuous in a race. Yes the motor may be rated for 100 amps continuous (with adequate cooling, but you never see 100 amps continuous in a RC car.

Point of fact: if a 1/8th buggy was drawing 100 amp continuous, you could only race 3 minutes on a 5000 mAHr pack. Yet many people get 10-15 minutes on a 5000 mAH pack and still have something left in the battery. I know from experience (in recharging a pack after a timed run) that my first E8 with a Neu 1512 motor drew an average of 18 amps over a 10 minute run. So even though that motor was rated at many thousands of watts, it was drawing less than 300 watts on average.

The continuous C rating and the motor ESC amp ratings are essentially irrelevant when looking at how many amps your motor/esc/car can draw. For two years I ran my E-8 on a Thunder Power 4300 mAHr 25C pack. Any high quality 40C-50C rated pack of reasonable capacity (4000-6000) should be sufficient for the current setups in E-8s.
Thanks for fine tuning that other post. It definitely shed alittle clarification. You mention high quality batteries. Since I'm new there are so many choices. Track power, thunder, gen ace, protek, smc. Out of these I'm looking at gen ace and smc since it would be easy on pocket after my initial build. Are these a good starting point as others have pointed out? Not stepping on others recommendations just looking for additional feedback as I research.
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