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Thanks for the feedback!

Originally Posted by UN4RACING View Post
Here's a copy and paste that may help.? For starters, the C in C Rating stands for capacity. The C rating is the maximum safe continuous discharge rate of a pack. If you see 10C on your battery, it means it can be discharged at 10 times that pack's capacity. Capacity refers to the milliamp-hour rating of the battery, which will be listed as a number followed by mAh (2000mAh).

Here's the easy way to find your battery's discharge rate just multiply the number from the C rating by the pack's capacity. Keep in mind that 1000 milliamps equals one amp. Here's an example, using an 11.1V 2000mAh 10C

11.1 volt 2000mAh -10C
2000 milliamps = 2 amps
2 Amps x 10 = 20 amps continuous discharge

This means that you can safely draw up to 20 amps continuously from that 11.1V 2000mAh 10C without doing damage to your battery.

My self, I run 6700MAH at 100C
6700 = 6.7 amps X 100C = 670 amps continuously. Keep in mind this is over kill. I doubt I am even capable of pushing that many amps through my Gen2 and 1900. At best I would be lucky to pull 180 amps out of a pack at full throttle. In short I am not stressing my pack at all.
I am skeptical of C ratings personally. My guess is I am able to pull around 150 amps?

Now lets say I am able to pull 180 amps from my pack with my esc motor combo?
A 5000MAH 30C would not be safe to run with out stressing the pack if I am able to pull 180 amps.

5000 = 5 amps X 30C = 150 amps.

In short a 30c pack would not last very long. Yet at 150 amps it would be the minimum I could run with out stressing the battery.

To sum it up you need to know how much draw your ESC motor combo can pull from the pack before you can find the minimum C rating or weight of pack you are looking to dial in for.
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