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Originally Posted by Zakariah View Post
and just when i thought i was getting comfortable with tuning.. lol

i could use a few tips apparently

i have a .21 nova on my cobra gt, just got it broken in a week or so ago, and im having a little trouble getting it dialed in. idles pretty good, takes off without sputtering so much, and has pretty decent top end, for like a lap or two. i also notice for the first lap or two, it shifts well. after it warms up, it feels as though i lose top end. i have a cheap duratrax temp gun, so im not 100% sure how accurate it is, but its ready 200-220 at idle (which is ideal i believe) but after just 2 or 3 WOT passes the temp skyrockets to 270-310. (body off!!)

plenty of blue smoke from the pipe, and the temp drops back off relatively quick when i bring the car back to idle.

where would an expert engine tuner begin with this problem?

is it a problem? would high temps after speed passes be normal engine behavior?

also.. where should i check the engine temp? ive been told to check directly on top of the cooling head, but i get a higher reading at the bottom of the head just above the manifold on the side of the block. i figured the highest reading i could get would be the temp to go by?

i really don't want to ruin this brand new nova.. thanks for any and all help guys
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