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Default MR4TC special RS version

a lower spec version of the SP with
-plastic shocks
-composite bulkheads and shock towers instead of graphite
-plastic center fixed pulley instead of one way
-new front one way with the larger bearings
-steel turnbuckles instead of titanium
-only one set of front anti roll bars and the pivot balls are glued onto the anti roll bar instead of attached using a grub screw
-rear anti roll bar also glued on the pivot balls
-bushings instead of ball bearings for the steering pivots
-steel steering pivots instead of blue aluminium
-plastic wheel adapters instead of aluminium clamp on
-silver springs instead of yellow
-stronger steel universals front and rear instead of blue aluminium ones

that shld be more or less abt the differences. i bought the RS version but feel that the original SP version is more worth it.
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