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Originally Posted by zephuros View Post
Titanium axle!!! That will rock for sure. I've bent yet another steel axle and I'm not too fond or the carbon ones. Let me know how it goes with this one. I might need to do some experimenting of my own. How does the Qtec hub clamp down on the shaft? Never seen one of them.
Like a collet. It has a 6mm inner diameter with 4 equal splits/cuts @ 90*. It has a progressive threaded pattern that rises from the edge of the collet. The clamping nut has the same angled threading and as it is is tightened, it compresses the split sections onto the axle. The tire slips over a mounted titanium bolt, not aluminum. The compression nut is 12mm.When completely clamped down I get just under 1 mm sticking out from the hub past the compression nut.

In the pictures you can see the slots. The taper starts at about 8mm and ends at around 7mm. (Too lazy to grab a calipers). These come in black, blue, gold and silver. The examples are from Banzai Hobby in Japan. If you can wait for your order, this place is a bargain. Shipping international can take up to 30 days now unless you order Speed Post which wipes out the bargain.

Clamp Hub, 5.5mm spacer, .5mm of shims = dead on for a 185 car.
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