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Originally Posted by liljohn1064 View Post
I did that with my LM-1. Now I have spares for years, 2 LM-1s and an SP-1. Last hopup is here, Alu servo bracket!

Time for custom parts! Just ordered a 6mm x 1m titanium rod ($75 US shipped). Time for some custom rear axles. One option is to cut it to the length of the carbon axle and drill out the pin hole for the inner hub. I just need the ends of some carbon axles that have been broken. The other option is to take the steel axle in and have the machining duplicated for the threaded end on the titanium rod and have the pin hole drilled for the inner hub. This will use a lot more stock. I should have enough stock for 5 or 6 and some scrap either way (extras!). I'm then switching to the Qtec left clamp hub. I have never trusted set screws. I don't like dimpling carbon axles, they always dig in and split or go loose on me. I'm running one of the clamp hubs on my LM-1 graphite axled car and wouldn't go back. I'll post the cost back and which option made the cut.
Titanium axle!!! That will rock for sure. I've bent yet another steel axle and I'm not too fond or the carbon ones. Let me know how it goes with this one. I might need to do some experimenting of my own. How does the Qtec hub clamp down on the shaft? Never seen one of them.

awww bollox....
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