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Originally Posted by Devin View Post
Anybody have any set-up or driving tips on getting the buggy to land better off big jumps from an outdoor track?

Off the big table top even when I land all four wheels on the downslope I find it wants to cartwheel or barrel roll and in lieu I have to skip off the top instead. On the big double-single sometimes after landing the car will drift sideways in a powerslide.

As I type this I realize that my issues happen when I land on the downslope, but if I overshoot the landing and land of the flat or the run-up to the next jump I am fine. Any idea what that can be?
You race in Sudbury. I think there are some Team Durango Drivers in your area like Rick Endler. Does he also race at your local track. Perhaps you can walk over and ask him for some help. I am sure he would be happy to help you out. What are you running in terms of setup? Perhaps you can ask Rick for a setup sheet, or PM me for one.
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