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Switch the rear spur to a Kimbrough 69. Then run a 21 to 26 pinion set.

I ran mine again last night at practice with very high grip and was running very good lap times. It felt like I was running foams. No odd kick out or under steer. I was trying to get a better scuff on my 571/575 tires and was what I would call extremely successful. I hadn't bothered to put in a PTX, so no idea what the times were. I was having a lot of fun so I was out with the car a good 20 minutes. The car was great everywhere. The only recommendation I got was to take a couple teeth off the pinion. I'm at 69/26 at the moment. Car wasn't hot, timing was good on the Trackstar 21.5. The theory he said is move the working power band down. It should generate similar lap times and use less battery doing it, but I may have to detune it a bit if torque is too high. I'll give this a try next time around as we ran out of time. Just as a background everyone at our track has a tendency to overgear the motor to make it more linear in feeling, so that's what I did. I personally think that regearing to 2.8 to 3.0 will be a good thing.

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